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Comacchio a place of sport and physical activity for those who like to keep fit by not forgetting fun. The facilities where you can play sports are countless, starting with gyms, sports centers, camping wellness areas and even multiple sports disciplines. The territory also offers salsobromoiodic thermal water, in synergy with massages and beauty treatments, allowing the body the right relax and time to recover after long days to discover the surrounding area.
During leisure time the activities to be carried out are endless: canoe excursions in the Valleys, boat rides, horseback riding, cycling and even Nordic walk adventures !! In short, a territory to know and to experiment with its own sport discipline.
Comacchio Wellness Walk
Comacchio Wellness Walk
The art of finding one's own balance through walking, nutrition and mental attitude. This could be the definition of Wellness Walking....
Comacchio Summer Fest 2015
Comacchio Summer Fest 2015
Comacchio Summer Fest, an explosive event that involved all the Seven Lidi Ferraresi....
Summer of Joy
Summer of Joy
     The beaches of the Lidi of Comacchio, the Po Delta Park, Comacchio, good food, the sun, the sea ... find out why spend your summer holidays with us!  ...

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