From 01/02/2018 to 30/11/2021

Private birding tour in the Po Delta Park

Price 220.00 €

Discovering the different habitats of Po Delta Park.

Po Delta Park represents the most important ornithological site in Italy and one of the most significant in Europe.
Its rich mosaic of eco-systems and its specific geographical location along a vital north-south and east-west migratory route, between the west of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, enable us to observe numerous water bird species which find here an ideal habitat to feed, find shelter, and nest.

Activities: First day: From 3.00 pm – Check-in at your hotel 6.00 pm – Meeting with the guide to arrange the birding itinerary Second day: Meeting at 8.00 am, excursion until 6.00 pm, dinner based on typcal products  (lunch is not included) Third day: Meeting at 8.00 am Boat trip on a small wooden boat (2 hours)– exploration until 4.00 pm – (lun... (continua a leggere)

From 01/04/2021 to 06/01/2022

The Comacchio's lagoons by boat

Price 13.00 €

Boat trips along the inner waterways of the mirror lagoon, a unique environment and spectacular home to flamingos.
The guided tour includes a visit to the fishing stations, the ancient "huts" set up as they were when fishermen in the past worked in these waters.

Duration: 1h45 Days of excursion:   03/04 - 13/06 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11.00 am Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11.00 am and 3.00 pm 14/06 - 31/07 Every day (closed on Tuesday) at 11.00 am and 6.00 pm 01/08 - 05/09 Every day at 11.00 am and 6.00 pm 06/09 - 30/09 Ev... (continua a leggere)

From 13/11/2019 to 14/03/2021  Expired

Fall-Winter Weekend Promo

Price 117.00 €

Weekend offer in the Po Delta Park

Spend a pleasant relaxing weekend discovering Comacchio and the Po Delta Park! Get ready to live unforgettable experiences in contact with the spectacular nature at the mouth of the river, through thick reeds to conquer the sea, coastal forests and historic architecture.

3-day and 2-night stay offer including:     Overnight in a double room with buffet breakfast in elegant B&B in the historic center of Comacchio or inn in the heart of the Po Delta Park;     Comacchio Museum Pass (cumulative ticket which includes admission to the Ancient Delta Museum, the Manifattura dei Marinati, Remo Brindisi House Museum and a suggestive navigation in the Comacchio Valleys)... (continua a leggere)



From 01/04/2021 to 31/10/2021

Slow Experience in Po Delta Park

Price 229.00 €

Offer of stay with slow experiences

Give yourself a relaxing weekend, enjoying and discovering the unspoilt nature in the Po Delta park. A landscape of rich vegetation, the ideal habitat for many bird species including the pink flamingo, just a short distance from cities of art of priceless beauty such as Comacchio, Ferrara and Ravenna.


The package includes:

  • 3 nights bed and breakfast at a 3* hotel or b&b
  • A bike tour to the Comacchio's Saltworks
  • A tour on board a tradizional boat "batana" into the Comacchio's Lagoon
  • A panoramic boat trip along the Po River Delta
  • A tasting session of wine and typical products
4 days from € 229.00 per person

Validity: from March to October

From 19/04/2021 to 01/11/2021

Bike & Boat in Comacchio’s Lagoons and old Saltwork

Price 20.00 €

This beautiful itinerary includes a boat trip in the lagoons, a cycling tour in the Comacchio’s salt pans and the ticket admittance at the Manifattura dei Marinati. The boat excursion starts from the Pickling factory and ends to Stazione Foce, where will begin the guided cycling tour along the banks of the lagoons. You will reach the old salt pans, an unique environment where flamingos nest. The guided bike tour ends at Stazione Foce* and beginning from 3 ... (continua a leggere)

DEPARTURE: Manifattura dei Marinati, Comacchio - DURATION: 3 h

Days and hours

04/04 - 06/06 e 12/09 - 01/11
Sunday and holidays at 9.30 am

From 19/04/2021 to 01/11/2021

On the water in a traditional “batana”

Price 120.00 €

Exclusive tours navigating the Valli di Comacchio aboard a historic boat, a local, flat-bottom vessel, from which the silence is only interrupted by the flow of the water and the song of water birds. You will live a unique and exciting experience, exploring small dunes, sandbanks, narrow canals and ancient huts and discovering first hand the history and traditions of this territory. Tours for two. Times and itinerary will be agreed upon at the tim... (continua a leggere)

DEPARTURE: Foce Station, Valli di Comacchio - Duration 1h30

Days and hours

By reservation only

From 19/04/2021 to 01/11/2021

The old Saltworks of Comacchio by bike

Price 10.00 €

Over a distance of about 7 km, accompanied by our natural history guide, you will visit the old salt pans of Comacchio, which preserve a plant built in the Napoleonic era and demonstrate the role played by ancient Comacchio in the production of salt. The itinerary includes a visit to a short exhibition on the harvesting of salt.

*Bicycles rental

DEPARTURE: Stazione Foce, Comacchio Lagoons - DURATION: 2h

Days and hours

04/04 - 06/06
Sunday and holidays at 10.30 am and 3.30 pm

01/07 - 09/09
Thursday at 5.30 pm

12/09 - 01/11
Sunday and holidays at 10.30 am and 2.30 pm

From 19/04/2021 to 01/11/2021

From Comacchio to the Lagoons: the eel fishing spots

Price 15.00 €

Pleasant excursion on board of a small boat starting from Comacchio to the Lagoons. After the boat excursion, through an unique and striking environment, you will attend the traditional eel catch at the “lavoriero”, a characteristic trap placed in the water.

DEPARTURE: ANMI wharf, Via dello Squero, Comacchio - DURATION: 1h45

Days and hours

03/04 - 06/06 e 11/09 - 01/11
Saturday and pre holidays at 3.00 pm
Sunday and holidays at 11.00 am and 3.00 pm

From 19/04/2021 to 01/11/2021

Exclusive Tour - Nature photography and birdwatching

Price 140.00 €

We offer to nature lovers, birdwatchers and photographers an exclusive excursion aboard a small private boat: we will show you the most amazing sights of the Comacchio’s lagoons where we will be able to observe numerous species of aquatic birds that nest and live in the Natural Park.

The departure times will be agreed depending on your needs.

DEPARTURE: Stazione Foce, Comacchio Lagoons - ANMI Pier, Comacchio - Marina degli Estensi, Lido Estensi
Rental boat price (max 2 hours): € 140,00 for 2 pax + € 20,00 for each additional (up to a max of 8 people).

Days and hours

The service is by reservation only

From 19/04/2021 to 31/08/2021  Expired

Bike & Boat at the Sunset: from Sea to the Lagoons

Price 20.00 €

This beautiful itinerary, starts from Lido di Spina and includes a boat trip and a cycling tour. We will pass through the seaside, the Lagoons and the old salt pans of Comacchio.

Sailing and cycling in this unique natural environments, we will meet the flamingos and the rich birdlife that populates these places.

DEPARTURE: Logonovo E-bike - Viale delle Acacie 7 - Lido di Spina - DURATION: 3h

Days and hours:

29/06 - 27/07
Tuesdays at 6.00 pm

03/08 - 31/08
Tuesdays at 5.00 pm

From 19/04/2021 to 09/10/2021  Expired

The Comacchio’s lagoons by canoe

Price 25.00 €

A breath-taking experience into the Comacchio’s Lagoons with an expert instructor that will lead you, from Stazione Foce to Fattibello, Spavola and Capre Lagoons.

The itinerary is also suitable for beginners and includes a stop on halfway.

DEPARTURE: Stazione Foce, Comacchio Lagoons
DURATION: 3h - Minimum age: 6 years old

Giorni e Orari:

01/05 - 29/05
Saturday at 4.30 pm

05/06 - 14/08
Saturday at 5.30 pm

21/08 - 09/10
Saturday at 4.30 pm

From 08/07/2021 to 28/09/2021  Expired

Aquatic visitors of the delta

Price 40.00 €

Looking for turtles and dolphins

On this boat trip, we’ll look for sea turtles and dolphins that have recently become more numerous at the mouth of the Po River, which is now particularly rich in marine life and biodiversity. On the advice of local fishermen and sailors and with the help of marine biologists, we will try to spot these wonderful creatures. An exciting experience in full compliance with the rules for their safety – and ours. Our guides will instruct us as to their life, their habits and the dange... (continua a leggere)

Duration: 4h
Departure dates and times:
Every Tuesday from 13/07 to 28/09 at 7.30 am
Boarding: La Marina di Goro tourist port, Via Darsena n. 15, Goro (FE) - Boat: “Corona”

“Sailing For Blue Life” is a Cetacea Foundation project in collaboration with Delta Rescue.