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Bike & Boat at the sunset: from sea to the Lagoons

Valid From 10/01/2020 to 10/09/2020

This beautiful itinerary, starts from Lido di Spina and includes a boat trip and a cycling tour. We will pass through the seaside, the Lagoons and the old salt pans of Comacchio. Sailing and cycling in this unique natural environments, we will meet the flamingos and the rich birdlife that populates these places.

Days and times of excursion

From 26/06 to 31/07

Every Friday at 6 pm

From 07/08 to 05/09

Every Friday at 5 pm

Duration: 3h

Departure: Lido Spina, Viale delle Acacie n. 7 - “Logonovo E-bike”
Bicycles rental: € 5


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Parco del Delta - Comacchio