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Bus from Comacchio Lidos to Venezia

Valid From 01/04/2018 to 30/09/2019

Round-trip bus from Comacchio Lidos to the wonderful Venezia and time to visit the city on your own.

Arrival to  Venezia, Terminal Tronchetto at 10.30 am

Departure from Venezia, Terminal Tronchetto at 5.30 pm


Days and time of the excursion

From 02/07 to 03/09

Every Tuesday


Meeting place and departure time will be arranged at the time of booking.

Booking required: at the Comacchio and Lido tourist information offices, at reception in the campsites and tourist villages, or on-line on our website


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€ 27.00

€ 18.00  

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Parco del Delta - Comacchio

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