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Bike & Boat in Comacchio's Lagoons and Old Saltwork

Valid From 01/02/2020 to 07/11/2021

This beautiful itinerary includes a boat trip in the lagoons, a cycling tour in the Comacchio’s salt pans and the ticket admittance at the Manifattura dei Marinati.

The boat excursion starts from the Pickling factory and ends to Stazione Foce, where will begin the guided cycling tour along the banks of the lagoons. You will reach the old salt pans, a unique environment where flamingos nest. The guided bike tour ends at Stazione Foce* and beginning from 3 pm you can visit, by yourself, the Manifattura dei Marinati.

*For your lunch break you can stop at the Bettolino di Foce restaurant or you can have a picnic lunch in the pick-nick area in front of the restaurant

Days and times of excursion:
From 01/05 to 06/06 and from 12/09 to 01/11

Every Sunday and Holidays at 9.30 am
Meeting with the guide: Visit Centre Manifattura dei Marinati
Corso Mazzini 200, Comacchio

Duration: 3 hours

Bicycle rental: € 5
The bike has to be returned at 3.00 pm at the Manifattura dei Marinati

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