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Concerti all'alba

A series of evocative musical events at sunrise, which will lull the audience into a sweet awakening on the beach.
All concerts will start at 6.00 am.

Gajè, Gipsy Swing – Sunday 30 June, Bagno Schiuma (Lido di Spina)
A trio formed by Elena Mirandola (violin), Alessandro De Lorenzi (guitar) and Francesco Cervellati (double bass). A mixture of swing and popular music, starting from the French Gypsy of the 1920s and 1930s, retracing classic pieces of the jazz manouche tradition up to the Balkans and touching the most oriental points of the Mediterranean basin.

Rabalà Ceramic Percussion – Sunday 7 July, Bagno Sarah (Porto Garibaldi)
A sound research group linked to ceramic materials. The four musicians create a sound dialogue based on a pre-established canvas, using bells, udu, tombak, darbuka made in ceramic by the artist, as well as two baritone saxophones and some flutes and ocarinas.

Gian Luca Babini (Percussion), Gianluca Fortini (Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Flutes), Fabio Cimatti (Baritone Sax, Coulisse Sax, Flutes), Enrico Versari (Percussion)

Sliders – Sunday 14 July, Bagno Miami (Lido degli Scacchi)
In collaboration with Jazz Club Ferrara
Trombone issues the sound which is the closest one to human voice, but at the same time gives the possibility of issuing many different sounds and effects. Three musicians will take on stage some interesting experimentation through blues, folk music, contemporary music and choral music.

Filippo Vignato (trombone, compositions), Federico Pierantoni (trombone, compositions), Lorenzo Manfredini (trombone, compositions).

Enchiridion Consort - Sunday 21 July, Bagno Prestige (Lido delle Nazioni)
A trio - Stefano Squarzina (flutes), Roberto Felloni (lute and archlute) and Roberto Cattani (viola da gamba) - proposing a very special concert, with compositions taken from the English, Italian and French Renaissance repertoire.

Terre di Mezzo - Sunday 28 July, Bagno Cocoà (Lido degli Estensi)
In collaboration with Jazz Club Ferrara.
A concert inspired by nature, where the discreet singing of seagulls at sunset, and the perpetual sound of the undertow, will be the dominant source of inspiration for the trio consisting of Daniele Santimone (guitar), Massimo Morganti (trombone), Riccardo Paio (drums).

Ar-Men Trio - Sunday 4 August, Bagno Marrakech (Lido di Spina)
Ar-Men is a union of different experiences: folk, contemporary music, jazz and improvisation.
Roberto Gemo (classical, acoustic and soprano guitars), Alessandro Fedrigo (acoustic bass) and Max Trabucco (drums and percussion).

Antonio Nasone, Notturno a Montegiove – Sunday 11 August, Bagno Playgroung (Lido di Volano)
"Notturno a Montegiove" is an album of original songs completely realised on solo guitar, which encases experiences, moments, journeys or meetings that have aroused the imagination of the author Antonio Nasone. The resulting music expresses an intimate atmosphere in an essential form.

Duo Morrighan – Sunday 11 August, Gallanti Beach (Lido di Pomposa)
Ambra Bianchi (flute and voice) and Irene De Bartolo (harp) will perform a bizarre musical journey, ranging from the classical repertoire to the contemporary, from Celtic music to soundtracks in a interpretation.

Não Sonamu – Sunday 11 August, Bagno Cristallo (Lido delle Nazioni)
People move, change and Não Sonamu tries to capture and express their emotion and experiences.
Danilo Lico (vocals and guitar), Claudio Francica (guitar) and Matteo Balcone (bass).

Choro de Rua – Sunday 18 August, Bagno Playa Loca (Lido degli Estensi)
All the rithm and passion of Brazilian music.
Barbara Piperno (traverse flute) e Marco Ruviaro (classical 7-strings guitar).

Le Scat Noir, Jazz Vocal Trio – Sunday 25 August, Bagno Sagano (Lido degli Scacchi)
An all-female trio, proposing unpublished, jazz standards, pieces of ethnic and cultured extraction, arranged for three voices, piano and violin.

Natalia Abbascià (voice and violin), Ginevra Benedetti (vocals), Sara Tinti (voice, piano).

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