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Beach sports

In various seaside resorts at the Lidi Ferraresi, on the northern shore of the Adriatic Riviera, it is possible to do sports at the beach.

During your holidays you can practice the sports you prefer: they are so many and you can practice at the seaside, directly on the beach.

Since forever, the games usually played on other fields, when played on the sand, add "beach" to their name. Since 1980-1990 all sports have first evolved and then transformed.

This is the case of the Beach Tennis. At the beginning, two players were throwing a ball bouncing on their Tamburello. After that, the Tamburello has been replaced by rackets similar to those used for tennis. Today this sport, born around the end of the 90s of last century, is called Beach Tennis, and the number of its fans has highly increased in recent years.

You can still find beach soccer, although in some seaside resorts you can play a five-a-side soccer match on a wet and silvery surface. Show and fun are guaranteed: playing on a surface with an unstable support is really funny for players and spectators too.

Volleyball (at the beach called beach volley) is still there but there are less and less fans; volley lovers have been replaced by the keenest Beach Tennis players.

Windsurf was a great big hit sport in the 1980s, and now has totally changed. The materials and techniques have improved, although the number of fans has decreased, perhaps some of them have specialized in kite surf. You can practice kite surf with a particular table and a kite (or wing) controlled through a control bar connected to it by two, four, or more long and thin lines (cables). Kite surfers go to the sea when there is a lot of wind, so this sport is practiced throughout the year, although it requires a physical preparation and technical knowledge.

The Adriatic Riviera is ready to host also those people who are really in love with this brand new sport. 

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