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Handicrafts and typical products

Ferrara is the cradle of the 1400s and 1500s instrumental music; thanks to the great Este family artists from all over Europe arrived. Here you can still find some important workshops specialized in the production of organs and restoring of antique instruments.

Two of the city luthiers are specialized in particular to the production of double basses and mandolins.

In the workshops of Ferrara and its territory Graffito Ceramics are still produced, with the same techniques and the same creative skills of the past. The charming practice of engraving and the use of a few primitive colours that fire dissolves and fades with special colour effects: these are the main characteristics of this ceramic, whose motifs are symbols, characters and scenes of court.

Even the terracotta is a typical product. There are beautiful objects in refractory material, heat resistant and hand-painted, and include the delicious animal-shaped whistles. Most of these shops are located in the centre of Ferrara. 

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