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The Lidi Ferraresi: seven different locations and many different ways to live the "night". One goal: to have fun!

From Lido degli Estensi to Lido delle Nazioni, from Lido di Pomposa to Porto Garibaldi, the nightlife lights around the beaches. By day they live of tan and sports, while in the evening are heated by different rhythms as house music, commercial, rock...

There's something to do for all tastes and all ages!

From sunset, go for a dinner in a fish restaurant or in one of the many pizzerias at the beach: switch to a magical night!

Comacchio Lidos night never ceases to amaze, where life moves to the rhythm of DJs of the moment and you can dance on the beach until morning surrounded by thousands of young people who all want to have fun and make new experiences!

The livelier among the seven locations is definitely the Lido di Spina, but also Lido delle Nazioni, Lido degli Estensi and Porto Garibaldi have much to offer to those who want to have fun in Ferrara beaches!

With their clubs, bathing establishments that become cheerful disco-pub on the beach, new proposals every year: Ferrara beaches are ideal for those in search of fun and starry evenings!

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