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The "Zia Ferrarese" Salami

The origins of the "Zia Ferrarese" are very ancient and can be mostly traced to the late Renaissance period.

The first mentions in preparations similar to the current product were found in the recipe book belonging to Cristoforo da Messisbugo, a cook to the Este court. These salamis are traditional and typical of the rural Ferrarese areas.

His mixture, entirely made ​​of pork, is flavoured with salt, pepper and fresh garlic, previously marinated in white wine.The addition of this ingredient, successfully cultivated in Ferrara countryside, tie clearly and unmistakably the authorship of the product to the territory of Ferrara. 

The salami is preserved inside a roundish, medium-thin sausage skin called “Zia”. Once tied with a thin cord it is left to mature in a cool damp cellar for 5-6 months.

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