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The Eel from Comacchio Valleys

Strong flavours, those of the Delta, that come from the intense, millennial coexistence between land and water, between the dry and the wet, between the people and the sea.

In Comacchio Lagoons eels find their natural habitat where they can live and breed. With the influence of the sea and the instinctive movement of the eels, the old techniques of fishing are still used, such as the simple and ingenious “Lavoriero”, an intricate capture system consisting of interconnecting rooms. There are forty-eight different eel dishes, ranging from the delicate risotto to grilled eel, where it releases its entire intense aroma that makes it a gastronomic ritual that is impossible to resist. 
The ancient method of processing eel was restored within the premises of the Manifattura dei Marinati (The Pickling Factory), in the centre of Comacchio. 

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Parco del Delta - Comacchio

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