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Melon from Emilia

News about melons grown in the Ferrarese countryside first came from Cristoforo da Messisbugo, chef to the Este family, who recounted that this fruit was widely grown both in the city and the surrounding area.

There are qualitatively significant and important productions in Bondeno, particularly in the villages of Gavello and Zerbinate.
It is characterized by a relevant content, the more common summer varieties are noted for their orange-coloured flesh that is high in vitamin A as well as providing a good supply of vitamin C: limited quantities of minerals, excluding calcium, present in moderate quantities. Almost entirely absent protein and fats.

It is delicious when consumed sliced, combined with ham as a main dish, or with a pinch of salt as a dessert after a meal, or in fruit salads; with its fresh and ripe orange pulp, it is a tasty, vitamin and refreshing food.

It is waiting for the IGP certification approval.

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