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Garlic from Voghiera - DOP

Garlic plays an important role in the typical cuisine of Ferrara because it matches many different tastes, especially fish dishes, as well as to cured meats like salami and bacon.

The garlic of Voghiera is one of the best known and has been given the DOP mark (Protected Geographical Origin). In recent years farmers from Voghiera have honed the agronomic techniques, pledging to select the cloves year after year, thus obtaining the actual garlic with specific morphological and agronomic characteristics: particularly white and shiny, large size, highly storable. The garlic-based products have become increasingly popular over the last decade and can be traced to four main groups: essential oil, dehydrated powder, macerated oil garlic, extract. Garlic is proposed in twenty of these formulas as an effective remedy against headaches, insect bites and to soothe the pain.

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