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Ferrarese watermelon

From the early 1300's to the mid 1500's, watermelons were served at the rich banquets at the court of the Este family.

Water melons have always played an important role in this area and are grown in the whole territory. Manufacturers have been able to find the appropriate varieties for each soil type.

The Crimson Sweet variety is grown mostly in the peaty, high clay content soil of areas like Bondeno, Berra, Jolanda, Ostellato and Argenta. The Sugar Baby variety is grown in the sandy soil at Codigoro, Mesola, Lagosanto and Comacchio. It is a typical summer fruit with high water but low sugar content that make it thirst-quenching.

It is waiting for the IGP certification approval.

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Parco del Delta - Comacchio

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