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Coppia Ferrarese – Ferrara’s bread - IGP

The history says that in the year 1536, during an important dinner party offered by Messer Giglio to the Duke of Ferrara, people started to talk about “crooked or twisted" bread. This is the birth of the Coppia Ferrarese, a symbol of an entire culture, in a time when humanism was allowed to exceed the rules of pure survival to indulge in aesthetics.

It has a central body and two rolled breadstickswhich end pointed, light, and fragrant: a true work of art of the table that boasts countless imitations. All the attempts are unsuccessful, because they lack the keys of his secret: the wisdom of centuries of tradition, quality of ingredients and water, the leavening environment, its moisture and ideal temperatures of ovens and, finally, the hands of Ferrara master bakers, skilled and able to give life to flour and water.

It is impossible to walk early in the morning on the streets of Ferrara without being hit by a pleasant scent, and it is impossible to resist the temptation to get into a bakery and enjoy the fragrance of the Coppia.

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