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Bosco Eliceo wines - DOC

Over the centuries, wine growing in Ferrara has always identified itself with the Uva d’Oro vine variety, whose origins seem to date back to the Etruscans of the flourishing city of Spina.

The vine graft in the Lagoons was probably in 1528, when the duke Ercole II d’Este married Renée of France, daughter of Louis XII, who brought as a dowry a grape variety from the Côte d’Or of Burgundy, the Uva d’Oro; it found the perfect habitat in the sandy dunes of the Delta and on the Bosco Eliceo bumps, among the Holm Oaks and the bushes. The particularly damp, foggy and static environment, the salty air and land, the constant proximity of the sea and the lack of fresh water contributed, over the centuries, to the formation of a grape with a very strong character. The Bosco Eliceo wines are Fortana, Merlot, Bianco Del Bosco and Sauvignon; with their light and aromatic taste, slightly pungent, whether red or white, they can combine perfectly with meat and fish dishes.

Fortana has a ruby red colour, the vinous aroma of the grape and the dry flavour.The minimum alcohol content is 10.5%. 
Merlot has an intense ruby red colour when young, lighter in maturity; a distinctive aroma, slightly herbaceous;a dry taste.The minimum alcohol content is 10.5%. 
Sauvignon has a pale yellow colour, a delicate and slightly aroma, a dry taste.The minimum alcohol content is 11%. 
Bianco has a light yellow colour;a delicate fragrance and a fresh taste.The minimum alcohol content is 10.5%.

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