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Topino di Comacchio or d’Ognissanti biscuit

The Topino di Comacchio or Ognissanti (All Saints' Mouse) is a very particular biscuit, shaped as a mouse, which is prepared in Comacchio on 1st and 2nd November only.

It is called in the local jargon “Pùnghèn Cmàscìaìs to Sean Pièr”, and is linked to the legend of the mice plague at the new cemetery located in the Raibosola Valley, according to agreements made with the French in the Napoleonic era.

The mice suddenly disappeared after appeals and prayers to the Virgin Mary, the procuress of Comacchio since always.

During All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day tradition says to prepare a number of mouse-shaped cookies in a number equal to the members of the family, so that everyone can exorcise what happened in the past by eating the little mouse.

This treat has the classical donut dough and is mouse-shaped, decorated with tasty chocolate chips. 

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Parco del Delta - Comacchio

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