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Eel light broth “a Becco d'Asino”

The eel broth of Anguilla “alla Comacchiese” or “a Becco d’Asino” is a Comacchio specialty based on eels, which is cut into pieces and fried with onions and a little olive oil.

Here is the recipe.

Ingredients: 3 eels from 150-200 grams each, 2 onions, vinegar, concentrated tomato paste, salt, pepper, olive oil.

Preparation: cut the fish almost completely, getting bits from 4-5 inches each, by cleaning the innards, and then wash it carefully. Apart, in a baking dish, cut into slices about half a centimetre thick onion, much just enough to cover the bottom, and fry it slowly. At this point put the fish, adding vinegar and a bit of water, until you reach the height of the fish contained in the pan, then add pepper, salt, a bit of concentrated tomato paste, and boil it until the fish is properly cooked. It must not stick to the bottom of the pan, so shake it with a firm hand, brandishing the two handles. The dish should be served very hot, with a slice of just made cornmeal mush.

Fun fact: the term “a Becco d’Asino” means something prepared quickly, with what was available, and with the addition of vinegar, which is an important element.

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