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Food and wine

Fragrances, flavours and typical culinary traditions, with a lot of European awards granted: IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin).

The land of Comacchio, his seven Lidos and the Po Delta are rich in culinary tradition.

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The 17 Pearls of Ferrara territory
The 17 Pearls of Ferrara territory
Named after their importance in the economy and local tradition, the "17 Pearls of Ferrara" are the result of the enhancement and protection of typical local food undertaken by the Province of Ferrara...
Other typical specialties
Other typical specialties
In addition to the 17 Pearls of Ferrara, there are other traditional recipes typical of Comacchio, its shores and valleys. Let's discover them. ...

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