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Cycle tourism paths in the Po Delta

The territory is completely flat and the hundreds of bike paths make the Po Delta Park an environment suitable for cyclists, from city cyclists up to those who have excellent well trained legs and could spend all the day in the saddle.

Each area of ​​the park can be discovered and known along a specific bike route.

So for those who want to venture into the Delta, we recommend to start from Mesola and get along all the Po di Volano up to the mouth, in a 41 kilometres path.

The route that runs along all the Comacchio area is really impressive: on one side there is the wider valley basin, where it is not unusual to see fishermen at work, while, on the other side of the path, you can see Mezzano reclamation lands, almost perfectly flat and with regular drains and agricultural plantations. No other bicycle route as this will make people appreciate the history of the Delta Park, made of a fragile and changing balance between land and water.

The queen of the local Cycle Tourism is certainly the Destra Po path, 125 km along the river Po banks, a long path for everyone, where you go through a slow and barely perceptible change of scenery, up to the Delta with the beautiful lighthouse in Gorino, where the river meets the sea.

You can discover other cycling routes in the website:

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