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Oltremare is a theme park whose focuses are the nature and the environment.

It was born in 2004 and it spreads on an area of ​​over 110,000 square meters made of green spaces, wetlands and covered spaces and is divided into five areas: earth, water, fire, air and energy.

Water: Oltremare became famous throughout Italy for the Dolphin Lagoon, a tailor-made place for these marine mammals. The 1000 square meters main tank hosts 11 specimens and it has been constructed to reproduce as faithfully as possible the natural habitat and the living conditions of the dolphins. Moreover, Pianeta Mare (Planet Sea) is an underwater tunnel that allows you to explore the depths of the Mediterranean and the Tropics and discover the fish that inhabit these waters. Inside Planet Sea there are also two rooms dedicated exclusively to seahorses.

Air: The Mill of the Owl is a mill built on the model of those typical of nineteenth-century in northern Italy; his aviaries are home to many diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey. Owls, hawks, eagles, buzzards and vultures are just some of the specimens that live in the park and the play "Flight of birds of prey" is the perfect opportunity to discover all the spectacular features of these birds.

Earth: Darwin is a forest that recreates the Cretaceous era. The flora and fauna are represented in both the most primitive and evolved forms and it is possible to see two reproductions of the absolute rulers of this geological era: the dinosaurs. However, in this place it is possible to see living animals like alligators, iguanas and snakes.

Fire: Planet Earth is an interactive journey that reveals the main steps that brought the land to be what we now populate. Various rooms describe the universe from the Big Bang to the present through the most crucial upheavals occurred on earth. Visitors will be accompanied in a multi-sensory journey to discover the birth and evolution of our planet.

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