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Italia in Miniatura

Italia in Miniatura (Italy in Miniature), in Rimini, is the theme park dedicated to geography, history and Italian architecture and offers many entertaining and educational attractions for the whole family!

The park contains more than 270 miniatures of the most famous monuments, churches and architectural masterpieces of Italian cities such as the Colosseum, St. Peter's Square, the Tower of Pisa, the Two Towers of Bologna, and the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe in Ravenna.

You can navigate through the canals of Venice, an attraction in a scale of 1: 5, faithfully recreated, with the Grand Canal and St. Mark's Square that give the feeling of being really in the famous lagoon city!

If you step on the Monorail you can observe the whole Italy in Miniature from above, and it turns out nicely that the miniature of the peninsula is actually shaped like a boot!

Over the Alps there is also an area dedicated to Europe in <miniature, with the most important capitals and their monuments.

A Little Italy you can also act as scientists in the Science Luna Park, measure your skills driving special cars at the Interactive Driving School to achieve a special license and discover the magical world of parrots in a tropical environment throughout the Pappamondo!

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