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The Seven Lidi di Comacchio

A coastline framed by a natural park recognized a World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

A wide equipped beach in front of a European Blue Flag beach.

Seven seaside towns so close to three centres of art considered as UNESCO heritage: Ferrara, Ravenna and Venice.

We are in the Lidi di Comacchio, surrounded by the Po Delta Park, 23 km of fine golden sand, ideal for family holidays, fun, and sport for the youngsters, relaxation and well-being of all.

In the Lidi di Comacchio the tourist is the centre of hospitality with modern facilities and a wide range of accommodation: camping villages, village hotels, apartments and villas deep in the pine forests just a few steps from the sea, as well as swimming pools, nightclubs and shops; the modern beach resorts offer great food, games and entertainment for children, and sports of all kinds.

All around, there are reflections of the sea shine, pristine oasis, and many centres to be discovered by boat, bike, on foot or horseback, stopping to taste the delicious specialties of the area.

Each Lido, then, has its own identity and its peculiarities.

Lido di Volano is the one that best preserves the original appearance: the green of the Delta, the woods and pine forests is accompanied by the blue sea, surrounded by the Natural Reserve Foce di Volano ideal for bike tours. We advise you to experience the thrill of walking on the Scannone di Volano, still seaworthy and now an excursion destination. Lido di Volano boasts a modern marina near the bridge of Volano, meeting point for those who practice kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Lido delle Nazioni is ideal for those who want to live sport emotions offshore or in the lake called Lago delle Nazioni. In addition to water sports, there are many initiatives related to running, cycling, and horseback riding thanks to the presence of white and docile race horses Delta-Camargue that live in a protected area. Lido delle Nazioni is also a place dedicated to the care and well-being of the person, thanks to the marine climate and its oxygenating benefits. For a blast from the past, you can visit the shelter of Garibaldi, where the hero of two worlds landed fugitive with Anita on August 3rd 1849.

The places for the family vacation are especially Lido di Pomposa and Lido degli Scacchi, particularly dedicated to children, where areas for beach games and the constant presence of lifeguards ensure a peaceful recreation and a discreet surveillance. The beaches are easily reachable on foot, by bicycle and by car, and they stretch in front of a gently sloping sea. Large free tracts of sands are available to tourists, who can use them in complete freedom and in the evening they can make strolls between ice cream parlours, arcades, bazaars and a Go-Kart circuit.

Founded as a fishing village around the harbour, the town of Porto Garibaldi has kept in appearance and traditions its original and strong ties to fishing. From the harbour, overlooked by delicious restaurants, boats leave regularly leading to the discovery of the Delta and motor vessels equipped for day or night fishing on the high seas in search of Mackerels, Atlantic Bonitos, Gilthead Bream and other fishes. There are also many fish shops where you can buy the fresh catch of the day.

The night in the Lidi di Comacchio starts early and ends late: from aperitifs on the beach to the many discos where the night is celebrated; the choice is wider with shows, cabaret, events in the squares, the local cultural events and concerts on the sea. For those who love to shop there are endless choices: Viale Carducci at Lido degli Estensi is illuminated until late in the evening with its arches, obelisks, gazebos in neoclassical style, and is full of night clubs, restaurants, excellent ice cream parlours, shops and markets.

The users could find here a safe harbour: the Marina degli Estensi is accessible from Porto Garibaldi canal and is equipped with 300 seats and the latest amenities. The beach life is animated by the numerous initiatives like beach tennis tournaments, beach volleyball and all the most modern and unusual sports, dance lessons, step aerobics, soccer and bocce.

Set in an old pine forest, Lido di Spina has elegant streets that frame the low and refined houses with large gardens; large campsites with direct access to the sea, wide beaches and fashionable beach resorts are the protagonists of this centre of entertainment that marks the border with the province of Ravenna. The streets are dedicated to artists and here the master Remo Brindisi had a house that turned into a museum with his collections.

Each Lido can hold some real surprises for naturalistic exploration: a few minutes from Lido di Spina there is access to Valle Campo, with numerous colonies of pink Flamingos.

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