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Birdwatching in the Po Delta

The Po Delta Park is one of the most beautiful examples of European natural area. 
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site for its natural ecosystem, the Po Delta Park is a unique example of harmony between man and nature, where activities are intertwined with the natural life, and where you can find fascinating historical and artistic heritage in the nearby cities.


The Park of the Po Delta, the largest regional park Italian, is therefore an ideal destination for ecotourism, for educational visits or sporting excursions. Nature lovers and bird watchers, whose numbers are increasing in Italy, armed with binoculars and cameras, here find themselves in paradise, where wetlands, river branches, woods, pine forests and sand dunes welcome and protect flora and magnificent wildlife, characterized by a great biodiversity.


In the Po Delta Park, the prevalence of water environments, in a wide plain yet not too urbanized, has encouraged a concentration of species which are often rarely sighted in other sites Italian or European. The Delta territory is internationally recognized as a strategic point in the flow of migration of many species of birds in Europe and which site is ideal for playing many more. Each year it hosts more than 55,000 or 35,000 wintering birds nesting. Some of the nesting are rarities at an international level, such as the Pygmy Cormorant, with the only colony of Western Europe, the Lesser Crested Tern, with the only breeding pairs of the whole continent, and the fascinating Flamingo now present in very few European parks.


A holiday in the park will allow you to discover them all, with a bit of luck!


Every season is ideal for birdwatching in the Delta, but the most fascinating are undoubtedly the spring and fall, both for the number of visible species, for the colours and for the landscape. The greater chances of sighting are in the early hours of the day and at dusk, when the wildlife is very active and comes out to get food. It is necessary to be well equipped: besides the binoculars, sportswear is essential, possibly camouflaged. Of course, it is better to move without disturbing nature, in small groups, following the many footpaths with watch towers or camouflaged huts that penetrate into the vegetation of the oasis.


If you are passionate about sports, nature and hiking, you cannot miss the birdwatching itineraries and the opportunity to live an active holiday in the Po Delta Park. 

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Parco del Delta - Comacchio

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