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The Po Delta Park

A vast area framed by green woods, pine forests and oasis alternate with testimonies of the supreme beauty art.
An ideal habitat for an incredible quantity of fish and aquatic birds, the Po Delta Park opens to the traveler enchanted places where nature blends to human intervention, to the action exerted by the time and to the meticulous actions of the inhabitants who in their secular reclamation activities have been able to create a harmonious balance between the natural environment to be preserved and the economic resource.
That's why the Po Delta is considered World Heritage by UNESCO as "outstanding planned cultural landscape which retains considerably its original form."
Established in 1988, located between the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna it is the largest among the parks and reserves of Emilia Romagna, and evenly split between wetlands, agricultural areas, forests and pine forests.
The Ferrarese area stretches along the coastline between the Po di Goro and the mouth of the Reno River; it is made up of environmental biotypes and very diverse urban areas, divided into three main areas.

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