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Route in Comacchio's lagoons

The original natural landscape of Comacchio Lagoons can be admired and known by a variety of guided tours: together they aim to show the beauty and uniqueness of this natural split that takes the name of Comacchio Lagoons.

Route along equipped paths (on foot) 
We propose an itinerary to discover the Comacchio Lagoons: starting from the fishing huts area, also called “Località Foce” (the mouth) you switch to one of the most important sluices in the whole lagoon since the '50s, year of its construction: "la chiavica" (dialect term for water locks). Their origins come from a millennial story which reported the alternation of emersion and flooding of lands and, finally, the reclamation of "marshy meadows", agriculture recovered, thanks to these structures. This determines the transit in the valley landscape, and after a run of 30 minutes you reach Casone Pegoraro (place for grazing sheep).

Routes by boat 
Welcoming boats organize excursions that allow you to spend a day along the most impressive Italian river delta, discovering the most evocative parts and moving closer to the natural habitats of the main birds’ species in the Delta, or to reach the most solitary corners of the Po Delta Park. Among the classic excursions, for those who want to sail the Po Delta Park, the Sacca di Goro is recommended, famous for the breeding of fine molluscs and other proposed routes along Comacchio Valleys, Gorino Valley, the Island of the Mezzanino, the Island of Love and other areas at the mouth of the Po River and the navigation towards the open sea.

Fishing Station “Foce” Itinerary
The visit includes a stop to the ancient fishing huts, which have been restored and transformed into authentic museums, where there are the furnishings and tools related to fishing. Within these seventeenth-century buildings the typical environment of the valley has been reproduced. Near the huts you can admire the old "lavorieri" which served to catch the fish that went from the valley towards the sea. The excursion will allow you to slip by boat along the interior canals on a circular circuit that, on the way back, provides navigation in open valley, passing near anotherprovides navigation in open valley, passing near another emerged architectural building of the valley: Casone Donnabona.

Cycling routes 
The availability of hundreds of bike paths makes the Delta Park a suitable environment for cyclists. Each area of the park can be known by cycling through a specific route. For those who want to venture into the Delta, we recommend to start from Mesola and go through all the Po di Volano to the mouth, in a run of only 41 kilometres. The route that runs along all Comacchio Valleys is also really impressive: on the one hand it meets the wider valley basin where it is not unusual to see fishermen at work, while on the other side of your path you can see the reclamation lands “Mezzano”, which affect for the almost perfect flatness and regularity of drains and agricultural plantations. No other bicycle route like this is going to make you appreciate the history of the Delta Park, made ​​of a fragile and changing balance between land and water. But the queen of the local Cycling is certainly the Destra Po, the longest cycle path in Italy that follows the Po River bank in the province of Ferrara; a long path for everyone, through you pass through a slow and barely perceptible change of scenery, up to the Delta with the beautiful Gorino Lighthouse on the sea.

The valleys are privileged places for walking, cycling and boat trips. 

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