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The Flamingo

Comacchio Valleys are undoubtedly enhanced by the presence of Pink Flamingos, which were once numerous, but that for several years no longer stopped in Comacchio. For some years they have been stopping beside the salt ponds: in 1998 more than 400 units have been counted and it is assumed that in the coming years they will stop for nesting.

The Flamingo belongs to one of the oldest families of birds in the world, dating back over 50 million years ago. The colour of their feathers is due to the presence of particular organic substances: carotenoids. These are not produced by the flamingos, but are present in algae and small crustaceans (Artemia salina and others) that they eat. In captivity, if the feeding does not include algae and crustaceans, flamingos gradually lose colour and turn white. The pigments are also not stable over time and the fallen feathers during moulting quickly lose their typical pink colour.

The flamingos nest exclusively in numerous colonies: it was discovered that individuals begin nuptial parades only if in the presence of several specimens of their same species.

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