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A weekend in Ferrara

Spring is probably the best season to visit Ferrara, the Italian city with the highest ratio of green space and citizens; in this season, all of its many parks bloom again.

The white marble palaces and the characteristic reddish color of their bricks create an urban landscape of great charm.

A weekend in Ferrara will allow you to admire the main cultural attractions, from the central Este Castle to other palaces of the Este period. In spring you absolutely have to make a long and quiet stroll along the wonderful Corso Ercole I d’Este, one of the most beautiful boulevard of the Italian Renaissance, up to the majestic city walls, which during spring are one of the main meeting points of the whole Ferrara.

If your weekend in Ferrara is a little bit longer, we advise you to immerse yourself in the medieval part of the city and reach the Monastery of Sant'Antonio in Polesine, where you can admire the beautiful Japanese cherry that germinates in spring, covering itself with wonderful pink flowers.

Castello Palazzo Diamanti Via delle Volte Mura di Ferrara Palazzo Schifanoia Sant'Antonio in Polesine

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