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An holiday in Comacchio, its Lidos and the Po Delta Park is an unique opportunity to live in close contact with pure and uncontaminated nature and to enjoy the artistic beauty of the area.

The different works of art come together in an extraordinary environment that, with its variety of ecosystems, beaches, woods, lakes, oases and pine forests, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A real natural paradise that includes the richest of art provinces in Emilia Romagna.

Visiting Ferrara, Ravenna and Venice (not so far from our territory) will add to your holiday in the Po Delta Park a priceless artistic value, thanks to charming and cultural itineraries.

These cities of art frame the Natural Reserve: here land and water intertwine to give life to a unique and fascinating landscape where you can practice physical exercises and outdoor sports.

Trepponti Castle Ferrara Abbey Pomposa

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Parco del Delta - Comacchio

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