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History and facts

Mesola is located in the Po Delta, south of the branch calledPo di Goro which is the division between Veneto and Emilia-Romagna.


Up to the tenth century the current town of Mesola was part of the sea, and only after the progressive advance of the coastline a spit of land had formed, which had different owners.


At the end of the fifteenth century the House of Este bought this land, turned it into a hunting reserve and built a Delizia (a court residence) out of town, a great center which opposed, commercially and militarily, the power of Venice.


This ambitious project of economic planning was interrupted by the end of the Signoria of the House of Este in Ferrara; after, the territories went under the House of Austria control, then under the Papal States and finally France.


At the beginning of the twentieth century reclamations (in Italian: Bonifiche) were realized: great works of rehabilitation of the land covered by the waters.


Mesola is a good starting point to visit Mesola castle, one of the Delizie of the House of Este; for the cycling route Po Delta, an extraordinary journey that follows the Great Po River in the last kilometers before reaching the sea; for a naturalistic visit to the Great Mesola Wood, a Natural Reserve which is one of the last and best preserved remaining lowland forest, the memory of the ancient forests that were there until a few centuries ago along the Adriatic Coast.

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