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Even though it is a small village, there are several interesting things to visit:

Lanterna Vecchia (old lantern) is the ancient light house that one time illuminated the way of the sailors. The lantern was built in 1864, near the mouth, but the progressive fluvial deposits send him away more and more from the sea, so much so that is 4 km away, making it useless. Today the lantern has been recovered and is used as a natural observatory on the Sacca di Goro; you can reach it by walking and cycling through a nature path or by sea leaving from the Port of Gorino.

Casa del Popolo (People House) – nineteenth century.

Port of Goro, which is the inner part of the homonymous Sacca.

The fish market, where every day a rod caught "by ear" is beaten: for each batch of fish the interested traders quietly announce the purchase price to the auction moderator which, at the end of the trading, sells the goods to the highest bidder.

The Marina di Goro, a lovely marina in the heart of the Po Delta Park, famous for its spectacular unique natural resources. It plays an important role in tourism as a starting point for numerous boats and ferries tour in the Po Delta Park. On December 2nd 1999 it entered in the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

The Scannone di Goro, also known as the Island of Love, is a recent piece of land emerged as a result of the advancement of the Po Delta and also a refuge for many birds. The outermost part of the Scannone is a strip of isolated sand called Scanno del Faro, and there stands the Lighthouse of Goro (built on 1951)

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