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History and facts

The name Goro comes from “Gaurus”, an ancient branch of the Po River of the Volano derivation.

The town was formed in the first half of the eighteenth century on the right bank of the Po, between the river and the sea, in a marshland where bumps stood.

Here the first houses were built, the huts of reed, a type of unchanged dwelling since the dawn of human settlement in the Po Delta and later replaced by brick houses. At that time exchange activities were very developed, merchant ships and part of the revenue derived from excise duties and the anchorages.

Since the beginning of the 17th century the port moved progressively towards the south-east for the rapid advancement of the coast that came, a century later, at the height of the town of Goro, starting the forming of the "Sacca di Goro".

Goro History is characterized by the continuous struggle of men against the waters of the sea and the river. It is reflected in the ancient artifacts and dredging hydraulics, as Torre Palù, Torre Abate, Balanzetta and Chiavica dell’Agrifoglio, and the lighthouses, which show the incessant change of the territory.

Until 1962 Goro was a fraction of Mesola municipality: that year it became independent.

Nowadays Goro is a modern harbor which preserves sections of the old fishing village. Fishing and mussel farming are in first place in the local economy and the local fleet has more than 2,500 boats.

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