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Guided visits in Comacchio

Comacchio is a deep city: its value is not confined to simple and unique beauty of the main monuments and urban views, but sinks up in popular uses, culinary traditions, until the furthest corners of its history. Joining one of the guided tours through the city could become a truly unforgettable experience.

And while you will be guided to the alleys of the old town, so similar to the Venetian calle, up to Trepponti, the Hospital of the Infermi and the Ancient Delta Museum, nibble your guide asking information about the distant origins of the people of Comacchio, which has a dialect quite different from the one spoken in Ferrara, or, as your tour will stand along the long Portico of the Capuccini, have a stop to admire the ancient technique of marinating the eels.

These are Comacchio’s jewels too.

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Parco del Delta - Comacchio

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