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Group Holidays in Comacchio

Comacchio has a forty-year experience in welcoming people, a strong point for those groups who want to visit this city. This experience has developed both with the Lidi di Comacchio of the nearby Adriatic Coast, and with the sanctuary of Santa Maria in Aula Regia and its long Portico dei Cappuccini, an important destination for religious holidays.

Comacchio can make many services available for groups: great car parking for buses, high-quality restaurants for groups of all sizes, professional guides able to speak several foreign languages, particular excursions like hiking, bike or boat along Comacchio Valleys.

Comacchio can be the right place to sleep for groups spending their holidays in the city’s surroundings. The nearby Lidos offer a wide range of accommodation, like campsites, holiday villages and high grade hotels.

Ferrara, Ravenna and Venice are easy to reach.

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