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History and facts

Codigoro stretches in the eastern part of the province of Ferrara in the Regional Po Delta Park and is located between Comacchio Valleys and the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

It is crossed, eastwards and to the mouth, from the Po di Volano.

Up to the 1860s the territory was characterized by large expanses marsh that over time have been completely reclaimed. It is crossed by a network of canals once partially navigable, for irrigation and drainage of the vast intensively cultivated fields.

The name comes from Gaurus, once the Po di Goro, a territory that was the beginning of a bifurcation of the branches of the river: Caput Gauri.

Codigoro history leads back to the ninth century, when a Benedictines community settled in the territory of Pomposa, which at that time was located on an island bathed by the Adriatic Sea and from the branches of the Po Volano and the Po di Goro.

In those years they begun the construction of the Abbey of Pomposa which gave prominence to Codigoro and its territory by acquiring greater importance thanks to profitable agricultural land and the establishment of the Bishop's Palace: he concentrated upon himself the political government and commercial until the absorption of Codigoro by the Exarchate of Ravenna until the year 1000.

Around the year 1150 the Este began pressures to control the territory, but these years also saw the end of the prosperity of Codigoro because of the Ficarolo Rupture in 1152, due to which the course of the river Po moved north draining the waters of the Volano until the abandonment of the Abbey of Pomposa and Codigoro by Benedictine monks.

In 1464 the reclamation of the territory began, promoted by the Duke d'Este and that succeeded, even if in a small way, to make Codigoro a more livable territory.

From 1600 to 1604 the Republic of Venice made a change to the flow of the Eastern Po (Po di Levante) making it come out further south in Ferrara area, so that water projects brought to fruition by the Este became vain.

In 1598 Ferrara went under control of the Papal States, reclamation work started again and lasted until the mid-nineteenth century, when the first pumping stations were built and the reclamation of the district Polesine of Ferrara was implemented.

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