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Volano, Mesola, Goro

From Mesola Castle to Comacchio Seaboard, through valleys and banks

Walking with the Duke

Starting from the centre of Mesola, after a visit to the Castle and the Environmental Education Centre of the Po Delta Park, housed in the same Renaissance complex, the path continues to the seventeenth-century Tower of the Abbot and the nearby Fasanara Wood. If you coast, towards the sea, Mesola Wood you get to the eighteenth-century Torre Palù. Heading towards the lagoon, from refuge Romanina, you get to the centre of Goro.

The reflection of the greenery
A path that develops on the coast embroidery: from Mesola it runs along the bank, passing around the Fasanara Wood. Heading towards the south, with the sea on one side and Mesola Woos on the other, we arrive at Goro. Coming up to the mouth of the Po River near Gorino – by bike - you can reach picturesque spots among the strips of land into the lagoon.

The flight of the Cormorants 
From the Abbey of Pomposa, after a short stretch on the S.S.Romea (towards the south), take the road to Volano. Going from Canneviè and Porticino Valleys, beyond the centre of Volano, there is the beautiful and enchanting landscape formed by the valleys called Bertuzzi, Cantone and Nuova. Through the scenic road Acciaioli –towards the south– we reach the cosy coast in Comacchio.

Cycling between sea and lagoon: starting from Gorino and taking the "difesa a mare” (in English: sea defence), we arrive at the port of Goro: going towards the refuge Romanina you can run along the rear part of Mesola Wood. 

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Parco del Delta - Comacchio

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