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Tasty routes: Goro Clams

A little further southernmost from the Po Delta, the ancient fishing village of Goro is worth visiting, famous for the excellent clams, mussels and oysters reared in the brackish Sacca that bears his name and which is one of the most scenic areas of the Po Delta Park.

Going along the borders of the Sacca di Goro by cycling, or cross it with a boat: this will be, for sure, one of the most interesting routes around the Delta Park.

If you pass through Goro early in the early morning, you will be impressed by the variety of fish exposed in its market. Species of fresh and saltwater: acquadelle (a small variety of sea fish with silver scales), mullets, gobies, molluscs and shellfish of all kinds, scallops, valley shrimps, mantis shrimps and eels.

Whatever the route that you are following, it will be good to make a stop in the restaurants of this part of the Delta Park, where you can savour the many tasty recipes that range from traditional grilled fish with scallops, shrimps, soles and eel with a seafood soup, from the eel with herbs from the rich clams and mussels appetizers, delicious Mediterranean "coquillages" that have nothing to envy to the flavours of the Atlantic. 

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