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Food and wine tours in the Lidi of Comacchio

Discovering a territory through its cuisine is a way to experience the holiday that combines the pleasure of good food to the beauty and traditions of a place.

The Po Delta Park and the Lidi di Comacchio offer many routes to get to know local products and recipes; the culinary events, festivals and taverns characteristics then complete the panorama of taste, for an exquisite trip among food and wines of the Park.

Here are five typical products that we chose for you, to try during your vacation in the Lidi di Comacchio, and the places that celebrate them with festivals and culinary events:

Salama da Sugo: queen of Ferrara cuisine, undisputed symbol of Ferrara, it has a secret recipe that includes pork, spices and red wine. After a long maturation it becomes perfect to prepare strong tasted but elegant dishes. Taste it in Buonacompra (in July), Madonna Boschi (in September) and Portomaggiore (in October).

Ferrarese Pumpkin: the Pumpkin "violina" has an elongated shape similar to a musical instrument; from the Renaissance it delights Ferrara inhabitants especially in the filling of Cappellacci, stuffed hand-made pasta typical of Ferrara. Between July and August in Bondeno, in Coronella di Poggio Renatico, and in San Carlo you can enjoy both at the pumpkin and Cappellacci festival.

Comacchio Eels: The eel, inhabitant of the valleys of Comacchio, has all the flavour of a land suspended between earth and water: try in the 48 recipes that take place between Ferrara and its Province, or maybe in October during the Eel Festival in Comacchio.

Pinewood Truffle: the truffle is present throughout the territory of the Po Delta Park in the white or pine forest variety, a lower one but still very pleasant white truffle range. In October and November you can taste it at the Festival of Tuber Magnum Pico of Sant’Agostino, and in Mesola during the initiative “autumn flavours”, to discover the flavours of the Mesola Forest.

Goro Clam: at the edge of Ferrara territory along the coast, the Sacca di Goro is the ideal habitat of clams and an international benchmark for the cuisine based on this mollusc. In July you can enjoy it to the clam Festival in Goro. 

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