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Festivals of the typical products in Comacchio

For those who want to go into the tasty and varied world of the typical products of Comacchio, the best opportunity is to visit one of the many festivals held throughout the year. The eel, queen of the local cuisine, is celebrated in the first two weekends of October each year with a festival in his honour, full of exhibitions, music, conferences, shows, flea markets and local food.

The Feast of Hospitality, on August 14th in Porto Garibaldi is dedicated to bluefish. 

Since 2011 there is a new festival among the ones in Comacchio: the Sepia and Mantis Shrimp Festival in Porto Garibaldi, which is at the end of May.

As a demonstration that Comacchio is an area of ​​land and water, from 18th to 28th August there is a more particular festival: the Bosco Eliceo Wine Festival in San Giuseppe will be an opportunity to discover a very special wine, often unknown even to the lovers of Bacchus, with an unmistakable taste and able to hold special combinations. 

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