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Festivals in the Lidi di Comacchio

Spring and autumn in Comacchio with the festivals!

For those looking for a good excuse to go somewhere near the Lidi of Comacchio when the summer season is about to begin or has just ended, two excellent festivals will help in this.

In late May, the Lidi of Comacchio already offer beautiful days where you can make beautiful walks along the harbour or the beach still deserted. For nature lovers, the Delta Park in this period is home to some of the most important species of birds migrated from Africa.

And especially at the end of May Porto Garibaldi hosts the last born of the local festivals, dedicated to Sepia and Mantis Shrimp.

In autumn, however, while the Delta has wonderful hues and the climate of the beaches is still very pleasant, Comacchio prepares to one of its most important festivals, the one dedicated to the queen of his gastronomic tradition: in the last weekend of September and the first two weekends of October there is the Eel Festival.

For those who want to live only in the summer the Lidi di Comacchio, but without losing the chance to go to festivals, here is the Feast of Hospitality close to the Feast of the Assumption, and Bosco Eliceo Wine Festival of San Giuseppe in September. 

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