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The history of Comacchio told by…



 It was sunset.

... When I hauled down the sail, I pushed myself by oars to earth...

I walked through the canal banks, crossed a bridge, then another one.

I found myself in a strange and characteristic labyrinth of canals and alleyways...

I felt the palpable silence of Comacchio.

I saw an agile boat slip into the distance and saw the sequence of houses reflected with the pallor of twilight, in the water of the canal.

I had the feeling of an old voice that spoke to me from the silence.

It was the inmost soul of the place what I proved in that tangle of houses, water and sky.

Here is Comacchio the pale, she was all in that little heart of her.

I heard the thrill of two hooves and the figure of a young girl outlined against the sky.

The moon overlooking the bridge threw in the waters a flash of countless stars...

A. Beltramelli - 1905

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Parco del Delta - Comacchio

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