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Mesola Castle

The proud Este Castle of Mesola and important fishing port of Goro mark the north-eastern border of Ferrara territory and delimit the protected area of the Regional Po Delta Park: a European reference point for the study of the delicate balance that regulate the relationship between man and the environment and policies of economic exploitation of the territory, in accordance with the requirements of preservation and protection of nature.

The construction of the impressive architectural complex of Mesola Castle began in 1578 for want of the Duke Alfonso II, the last descendant of the Este dynasty, who wished to leave an important mark on Ferrara territory by building a magnificent court residence able to compete in size and magnificence with the oldest castle in Ferrara, absolute symbol of the Duchy of Ferrara.

Four massive towerscrenellated walls and large windows make the Castle a structure somewhere between a fortress and a luxury homeprotected by nine miles of walls and surrounded by a forest for hunting.

Some historians say that this future Renaissance city had to oppose the power of Venice on the Adriatic: an ambitious project that needed time and heirs who Alfonso II was not able to have. In fact, in 1598 the Papal State regained possession of the Duchy of Ferrara and consequently of Mesola. The Mesola Castle houses the Environmental Education Centre, the Library and the Museum of the Deer.

How to get to Mesola Castle:

By car: highway connection Ferrara-Porto Garibaldi, exit at road S.S.309 Romea towards Venice; continue on the S.S.309 for about 27 km and exit at Mesola. About 80 km. 
By bus: line Ferrara - Copparo (Jolanda) -Ariano F. - Mesola-Gorino. 

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