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Abbey of Pomposa

The origin of the Abbey of Pomposa dates back to the sixth and seventh centuries, when there arose a Benedictine settlement on what was the Insula Pomposia, a wooded island surrounded by two branches of the river and protected from the sea. After the year 1000 the season of greatest splendour began and it became a thriving monastic centre voted for prayer and work, whose fortune is tied to the figure of the abbot San Guido.

The monastery of Pomposa welcomed famous figures of the time, among which is to remember Guido d'Arezzo, the monk who invented the music writing based on the system of the seven notes.

In the Basilica of Santa Maria you can also enjoy one of the most valuable frescoes throughout the Ferrara province of Giotto-Style inspiration and the beautiful mosaic floor inlaid with precious marbles made between the sixth and twelfth centuries.

How to get to the Abbey of Pomposa:

By car - from Ferrara along the highway Ferrara-Porto Garibaldi, then take the S.S.309 Romea towards Venice for about 16 km and you reach the abbey. 
By train and bicycle - by train from Ferrara to Codigoro Railways line Tper, about 5 km by bike; 

By bus - lines 320/322/335 Tper: Ferrara- Codigoro; 332/333 Ravenna - Codigoro; from Codigoro Railway Station taxibus line No. 638. 

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