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Ticket Manifattura dei Marinati

Valid From 26/09/2019


It is an active factory for a few months throughout the year.

It is a museum because it proposes a historical tour.

The Pickling Factory collects the traditions and culture of Comacchio, a town which has always shared a special bond with the surrounding lagoons. In autumn you can visit the production cycle of anchovies, sandsmelts and especially eels, which are prepared in the Fire Room in four main steps: cutting, spitting, cooking and packaging.

The Fire Room – the building dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The great pavilion is characterized by twelve big fireplaces on the eastern side of the Room, built in five couples on a straight line, while the first and last chimney are added to the first and last couple. Between every couple there is a niche.

Calata – it was a landing stage where the raw materials that had to be processed were delivered. The fish caught in the Comacchio lagoons arrived here to be marinated: in the so-called “Calata” the fish was first selected according to its size.

Vinegar Room – during the 19th century, the pickling used to preserve fish was prepared in a tun with a tap, used for broaching. The mixture of vinegar, salt and water was emulsified with a small shovel and, when ready, used for marinating eels and small sandsmelts.

In the following century, the pickling was prepared in tuns and barrels with different shapes and capacity.

The Food Lab of the Pickling Factory is a Slow Food Presidia: you can purchase the traditional marinated eel of Comacchio lagoons, marinated sandsmelts and marinated anchovies.


Manifattura dei Marinati

Corso Mazzini n. 200, Comacchio


Opening time:

Winter time (from November 1st  to February 28th ): 9:30am to 1pm and 2.30pm to 6pm
Summer time (from March 1st  to October 31st ): 9:30am to 12:30pm and 3pm to 7pm

Closed on Mondays

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