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L'Oasi di Canneviè

Hotel Rurale Canneviè is located in the south of the Po delta, near the Forest of Mesola, Goro, Gorino and Comacchio, amidst the beautiful nature of the mouth of the Po. This typical hotel is a good accommodation for nature lovers who would like to spend a holiday in the open. Staying at our hotel means returning to appreciate the taste of an ancient tradition never dormant. The taste for slow times, for the colors stolen from the surrounding nature, for the laborious peace, for solid architectures, for the ancient rural memory furnishings, for large chimneys.
Sleeping in the pristine silence and rediscover the pleasure of losing at least for one night track of time. The Hotel Rurale Cannevié has 17 rooms, all carefully restored and decorated, comfortable and equipped with shower, hairdryer, telephone, television, heating, air conditioning, free WiFi. Guests also have a large and convenient parking.