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A seaside holiday in the countryside

139 €

Week's holiday on the Adriatic Coast, discovering the natural oases and cities of art on the Po Delta

Day 1
Arrival at your booked accommodation; after your journey, you can relax on the sandy beaches along the coast or by the pool in your apartment complex or holiday village.
Day 2
In Porto Garibaldi, famed for its fishing fleet, you will climb on board and sail up the Adriatic coast to the Po Delta; on board you will enjoy a delicious lunch, obviously made with fresh fish. On your return, don't miss out on a stroll along the characteristic Porto Canale.
Day 3
A day spent relaxing in one of the beach facilities or by the pool, where staff will keep you entertained with recreational activities for both adults and children.
Day 4
From the port at Gorino Ferrarese you will board a small boat that will take you to the Sacca di Goro, famous for its clam farming. The captain will show you the digging techniques, and if you wish you can have a go yourself! Nearby, don't miss out on a visit to Pomposa Abbey, Castello Estense or the “Boscone della Mesola” forest.
Day 5
The historical centre of Comacchio is well worth a visit, with its canals and monumental bridges. We also recommend a visit to one of the two museums in the town: the “Delta Antico” archaeological museum and the old “Manifattura dei Marinati”, where eels are still processed today.
Day 6
In the heart of the Comacchio Valleys, you will take part in a guided tour by bicycle, which will take you down the narrow paths running along the edge of the saltwater lakes as far as Salina, where the flamingoes nest.
Day 7
Just a short distance from the Po Delta Park, you can visit the beautiful cities of Ferrara, Ravenna or Venice, authentic artistic gems recognised as UNESCO world heritage cities.
Day 8
Before you leave, take a last dip in the pool or the still waters of the Adriatic Sea!

Cost of the package (per person)
From €139.00 per person in an apartment or mobile home for 4 persons
Discounts for children

From 15 May to 15 September

The package includes
•    7 nights in the indicated accommodation, including private beach and pool
•    One excursion with fishing
•    One mini-cruise on the Po Delta with lunch on board
•    One guided tour by bicycle

Additional services available on request:
•    Hotel formula: b&b, hb or fb
•    Transfer to and from the airports of Bologna and Venice

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