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Fishing trips

Clams and eels

Among the activities that Po Delta Tourism organises there are also opportunities to explore ways to catch the bounty that the sea and river waters provide in these areas.

In the Comacchio Lagoons you can be part of the crew on board the so-called “batane” – traditional long, thin lagoon boats – to search for the treasures hidden in the fishing nets, such as eels, sea breams, soles, and lagoon shrimps.

At Sacca di Goro, expert fishermen are available to teach you how to collect clams using the traditional “rasca”. Wearing waterproof clothing, you can scour the waters of our clam farms and collect as much shellfish from the bottom as you like.

We recommend a visit to the local treatment plant which handles the cleaning, checking, processing, and sale of fresh clams.

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The historic center houses magnificent palaces, ancient churches and important museums, which can be easily visited by walking either on foot or by bicycle. Ferrara has an ancient history, told by its splendid monuments such as the Romanesque Gothic Cathedral, the Jewish Ghetto, the impressive Estense Castle, the Diamond Palace and the Schifanoia Palace.

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