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Canoeing and sailing trips

Water sports

For sea and water sports enthusiasts, Po Delta Tourism organises canoeing trips in the Comacchio Lagoons and sailing trips along the Adriatic Riviera.

Our canoeing trips are coordinated by the Metaphysical Body gym and are accompanied by expert instructors who will guide you along the Comacchio Lagoons on board comfortable, safe Canadian canoes.

Our activities are suitable for everyone, beginners and children alike, aged from 6 years and up (under 18s will require parental consent). You must be able to swim.

Sailing activities are coordinated by the Oltre Mare Sailing Club, with head offices in the elegant tourist town of Marina degli Estensi.

Our expert instructors will show you the basics of sailing, how to read the weather forecast, how to raise and lower the sail, how to throw a rope, how to tie sailing knots, how to accelerate and decelerate with the sheet, how to change direction, how to tack and jibe...

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