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The Lidi di Comacchio were born more than forty years ago as a holiday resort for the citizens of the nearby Ferrara. During these decades, most of them bought apartments and houses in places where, in the past, they used to spend their entire summer holidays. Then times have changed and, with them, the way to spend the holidays. No more full months, and in summer only, but shorter trips and often away from home.


This is the reason why apartments in the Lidi di Comacchio have the reputation of being well-equipped and richly furnished: most of them are nothing but second homes that Ferrara inhabitants attend now for just a few weeks a year, then they rent them to tourists from other Italian regions or from abroad. In addition to this, tourists are able to book their holiday in the Lidi Ferraresi using one of the many real estate agents in all the Lidos in total comfort and safety.


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