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If you are fans of the campers, a few other destinations like the Adriatic Coast offer the same mix of quality camping facilities, proximity to the sea, external services and summer events.
Most Camping in the Lidi of Comacchio, from Lido di Spina to the Po Delta, are immersed in the natural pine forests that stretch down to the sandy shores. Environments are surrounded by nature and rich in services: restaurants, self-service, swimming pools, bike rental for exploring the surrounding area and much more.
The best campsites in the Ferrara beaches also have private beaches and bathing establishments where you can enjoy the best of the sun and relaxation. Not surprisingly, many of our guests spend their holidays camping almost entirely within the structures.
For those who want to experience the lively nightlife that has made the world famous Riviera, just take a short walk to reach the center of each beach and enjoy the excellent fish of the Adriatic culinary tradition, or go shopping in the fashionable shops of main streets.
Spend a holiday in our Camping Villages and enjoy the relaxation of a day spent under the pine trees.

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The historic center houses magnificent palaces, ancient churches and important museums, which can be easily visited by walking either on foot or by bicycle. Ferrara has an ancient history, told by its splendid monuments such as the Romanesque Gothic Cathedral, the Jewish Ghetto, the impressive Estense Castle, the Diamond Palace and the Schifanoia Palace.

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